Net Worth Update – December 2015

net worth

There is always time for net worth update 🙂

Hello! Homies no time for anything. Am tied up with my wedding preparations. Hope you all had very good month. It’s time to bid adieu to 2015. And welcome 2016!!!

With new year comes new resolutions. How well did you manage your finance last year? Did you meet your goals? Let us all give some time to take sneak peek on different things that we did to our money last year. See what different you can do this time around. Take a pen and a paper scribble it down people. Plan your next year, it’s so much fun!!!

My last year resolution apart from money was not to spend on pizza’s. And I failed miserably in doing so. Ate pizza on 4 occasions in total 🙁 and the same resolution continues this year 🙂

Coming back to net worth update, had pretty expensive month and below you can see a snap shot of the net worth growth. Starting with good news, my total net worth touches 1.3 mil INR 🙂 Nothing great about it but still this number makes me feel better. net worth update

Most of my expenses again cushioned by my salary so I feel everything is under control. Equity gave me a boost this month around. Planning to transfer money from my debt fund to equity, just waiting for right time 🙂 Lost bones on getting new rubbers for my car and some wedding cloth shopping.

Am getting married tomorrow. Exciting time ahead. Cya soon people, keep hustling!! keep minting money!!!


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