Net Worth Update – January 2016

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Awesome start to this year, got married on January 1st. Spent some quality time in south GOA. enjoyed the beaches, food and the much required private time!!

Once I was back from my travel, the very next day took out my personal diary and started planning my financials for the year 2016. When I glanced over my portfolio, I found out that there was one ULIP bond in my name. And guess what, even if it was discontinued long ago still had 22,000 worth bones. Ah! that’s called a surprise 🙂
further I sat down and calculated net worth again, meanwhile also found out that I left out 200,000 worth debt fund in my earlier calculation of net worth. All these findings increased my net worth, what more can I ask for?

Equity in India has never been this volatile, still the stocks I own are doing good in this uncertain times. All in all am happy with the way my net worth is going. Well!! below is summary of the same. For my age 28, this is less but I can’t help – past is past!

Net Worth Update

Starting of this year I designed financials for my brother, his finance is designed in such a way that by the age of 28 his net worth will be 2 million(INR) – provided he follows my rule.

My mantra for this year – FRUGAL living.

I know newly wed and frugal living wont go hand in hand, but you always have to give it a shot. Mind you there is big difference between being frugal and being cheap. I want to grow my net worth to 2.5 million(INR). Want to invest more on value stocks, that will pay me quarterly dividends. Investing in stock that does not pay you dividend does not make any sense for me, you want to see your money multiplying. I would love all of you to come up with target net worth for 2016. See how you can make it. Am always there to help you people to reach that goal.

With the investment done so far, if I leave my job now and do nothing. I will be earning 15 INR every hour.

Cheers to new year and cheers to money!!! Get rich or die trying.

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