Net Worth Update – January 2019 (₹ 8,260,542.24)

net worth

“Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship”

Benjamin Franklin

Happy new year and welcome to my January 2019 net worth update! Same time last year my resolution was to take my net worth to 10 million INR. But ended up couple of million short. nevertheless am happy with the result. Equity was volatile just like December, politically BJP came up with smashing interim budget. The speech by interim finance minister was exquisite. He highlighted what the future holds with BJP at the helm. Overall pretty pumped up for election season. Markets reacted positively.

Net worth this month!

held on to a positive growth. Jump of around 64K INR, purely return on investment with 0 source of income. Moving 40K bones into debt fund and transferring some cash from foreign earnings into offshore accounts. pretty cool month so far. hope 2019 will be the best one ever.


resolution 2019,

Using my R.O.I crossing 10 million INR would be challenging and hence resolution is still to take my net worth to 10 million but this time without any source of income. Also will be dedicating much of my time on improving my health. Typing this in, am weighing around 80 KG with BF of 20%. My target is to get fit (72 KG with 16% BF).

new hobby?

spending most of my time on internet researching “sustainable living”. Want to build a farm that completely caters to all my food requirements. Ultimate goal is to be less stressed and concentrate more on health of family and myself.


how is your finance? if you do not know, it is high time to dwell into your finance and handle it like a pro. If you are a pro, then please do guide me here, your emails go untouched here. Cheers to money (bread, bones and bucks!)

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