Net Worth Update – March 2018 ( ₹ 3,866,486.00)

net worth
“Business is a sprint until you find an opportunity, then it’s the patience of a marathon runner”
– Robert Herjavec

Hello folks, time for another net worth update.

When young, a quote from 50-Cent “Get Rich or Die Trying” struck me like a lightning. I always had a check on my net worth. With age, I got better on it. When I talk about saving money, net worth tracking or investing majority of crowd hit back saying “Money is not everything”, “Money doesn’t buy you happiness”, Money this and Money that. For all those naysayers just one answer “Good for you, cheers!!”

Coming to net worth this month…

due to the ongoing trade war between USA and rest of the world the equity responded on similar line. It was very volatile. Also, those who wanted to get waived off from LTCG tax worked their magic. Overall a very bad month for equity. Stacked 40K INR into debt fund as always. I did some re-assignment on the debt and emergency funds hence you can see some number changes. Also I do not want to track the ULIP’s, just want to consider them under Misc debt fund and keep it constant. From next month on, am going to add my foreign account holding so that I can get the picture of overall net worth based on the currency terms.
 net worth

Bit coin,

Just as we predicted in older post here, it is showing some weakness now. Who are new to bitcoin are afraid to buy and the ones who own are waiting for better price to sell their coin. Not sure where will go from here. Would tell people to be cautious overall when it comes to digital currency market.


was analyzing new stock to buy, TataCoffee @ 113, OM Metal @ 47 looks attractive. Also might be investing more on Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) once the price is right. But when you buy a stock for long-term or short-term keep a stop-loss. If you ask me, keep a 8-15% downward stop-loss on all long-term investments. Else the story might end like, buy BLS International bandwagon when it was trading at 200 odd and looks at it now. This doesn’t mean BLS International is crap, just that always have stop-loss. You never know!

Always track your net worth!!

Do share your story, I never let any email go untouched.  Cheers to money!!

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