Net Worth Update – March 2019 (₹ 8,473,409.03)

net worth

“Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.”

– Warren Buffett

welcome to march net worth update, 

2019 moving so fast, phew! Overall a very good month if you are invested in equity. Net worth did boom a little, thanks to US federal tax returns and bulls of dalal street. Right now in India nothing more special than 2019 general elections, it’s going to be one of the best elections ever. Wishing for a Modi govt. The election can be termed as positive vs negative energy, while one party is filled with negative ideas and ideology the other is beaming with confidence and futuristic leaders. Well fingers crossed!

net worth

boom of 2.08 lac INR, all thanks to march bull run and US federal tax returns. Debt fund investment increased by 22 K INR, while equity investment also gave decent return. Transferred 2 lac INR from foreign earnings to emergency fund if I catch hold of any value stock before the elections. The stocks recommended Deccan cement, ACC, Triveni Turbines, KEC etc already giving close to 15-20% return. Going to spend next month analyzing M&M more, all because of one person Anand Mahindra and the future. 

net worth - March 2019

Capital question!

There was a very nice article on Art of sitting tight, well articulated by author, now the question – what is the capital invested for Art of sitting tight? Waiting for answers! If you have suggestions or comments you know where to put them, as always you will be answered.

Happy weekend hustlers.

With onslaught of IPL’s and EPL’s – weekends are a lot more fun. Happy weekend homies, keep hustling, keep minting bread! Cheers! 

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