Net Worth Update- May 2016

net worth

Fellas! time for net worth update.

Last week I was watching Shark Tank, in that show Marc Cuban say’s – “Never take advice from people who do not live by its result”. This statement in my opinion makes a lot of sense. I would always have this thought process going on in my mind in future when getting advice from someone 😛

This month will always be in my memory, guess why? My net worth is about to touch 20 lac! waited for this day from long time. Finally one more month and then net worth will go all the way to 20 lac. Best part is, mine and my better half’s birthday is coming month. Below is the snap shot of my money this month.

Net worth

Equity was very volatile this month. Also starting of this month, sees the end of my gift money (for more details on this gift money please refer my earlier posts) , hence all my expenses are from the emergency fund. My salary again gets divided – 25k on recurring deposit which we call a debt fund and rest goes into my emergency fund. I took some cash from emergency fund and invested in equity holdings. To be precise bought another hundred stocks of Wipro . This stock is undervalued, this is what I believe in. I don’t see any downside so staying with Wipro for another decade. You can clearly see the emergency fund getting hit this month because of the expenses. Miscellaneous section has fuel and shopping expenditures for this month. overall 23k increment in net worth from earlier month, not bad!

Best part is I am holding onto myself from a 6k expenditure. My car tire needs replacement 🙁 and this will have huge impact on my numbers. Postponing it is not helping either. So next month I am ready to face the storm.

How well you managed you net worth this month? Please share your experience on tracking your net worth!

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