Net Worth Update – May 2018 ( ₹ 6,412,923.81)

net worth

“Spending money is much more difficult than making money”

Jack Ma

Time for ‘May’ net worth update, been a very bad month for Indian small cap and mid cap, most of the stocks hit all-time low. Two of mid cap stocks RCF and Sanghi Industries reached my threshold and had to sell them. Politically BJP won and lost Karnataka. Yes, won and lost. The coalition party formed by Congress and JDS won over. Sad truth!

On economic front,

strong dollar meant that all the developing country economy suffered. Thanks to BJP government, from the very first day the goal was to bring down trade deficit and they did bring it down. Higher GST collection and higher fuel cost will help government to bring down trade deficit, likewise help our economy not to become like Greece or Italy. Hope one day people will understand all this and stop blaming government for everything.

Net worth snap shot

as shown below, 40K INR transferred into my debt fund. No new buy’s in equity, instead sold off couple of stocks that crossed lower threshold. Will be buying these stocks after a month or so. Since dollar stands stronger against INR, foreign investment grew. Overall a very good month.

net worth May 2018

Stocks in my radar,

Sanghi Industries (trading @91.00), RCF (trading @71.00), OM Metal and Alloys (trading @41.00), Granules (trading @75.00) and as always M&M. Couple of months back had suggested a buy on M&M @735.00 and now its trading @921.00. 1500.00+ in couple of years for sure.

How did your net worth fare this month?

All you need to do is track where your bread is going! Do comment here or send me an email with your opinion and queries. Spending money is much more difficult than making money. Definitely not true in my case Jack!

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