Net Worth Update – November 2016

net worth

Eventful month! isn’t it? Net worth took a huge tumble. For me November has been a month to forget about my money. And month to rejoice when it comes to economy. A very good move by Indian government by demonetizing old currency in favor of the new ones. And that too implemented in such a style. How on earth people still find reason to blame the government. You should never go so low to oppose one good move.

Elsewhere, US of A has elected a new president and boy o boy it is Mr.Trump.

I have no doubt that US manufacturing sector will be re-energized, other that foreign policy I don’t see any problem with Mr. Trump. Even with Foreign policy he will come out winner. US of A going to have good future and this is purely my opinion.

“Too many people spend money they buy things they don’t impress people that they don’t like”

-Will Rogers

Coming back to net worth this month, I do not want to count how much I lost this month with respect to equity. My whole portfolio came crashing down. This is not the first time am seeing my portfolio crashing, eventually I will have last laugh for sure. Well stashed 40 grand into debt fund. No new equity investments, but pretty soon will be investing lump sum. Overall this month net worth lost the momentum, down by 26,000.

net worth
My laptop motherboard surrendered, had to replace that and then some problem with my hard drive. All this delayed my monthly update. I don’t like these surprises which the laptop throws at me 🙂 Am trying to make up some time to write a post on cities I have visited so far in USA, hopefully I can publish a couple of posts on those. Am looking forward for market recovery this month. How well you guys have done with your net worth this month?

With USA in right direction, India going through detoxification process I would say we are all set for a good bull market run, unless the terrorist have other plans. Cheers to money! Happy Thanks Giving.

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