Net Worth Update – November 2018 ( ₹ 8,178,403.27)

“There is only one boss. The ‘customer’ And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else”

– Sam Walton

Welcome you all to November series of my net worth update. I am back in India after couple of years. Feels so good. Meeting and greeting my family after so long, felt very special. While enjoying every minute of my stay here, did not get time to concentrate on Indian equity nor politics. All set for December 11th verdict, that can give clue about 2019 outcomes.  I do have two new investments though!

India First!  a Myth?

In USA, the infrastructure provided is commendable. The digital experience is exceptional. The defined systems to get any work done, works pretty well. Overall life runs smooth with almost no obstructions for getting things done. While in USA was hearing lot about digital India. Fascinated about this, wanted to experience the same. Digital experience is less infrastructure dependent, all you need is internet. While I see private entities have upped their game, it is the govt entities that are still the same. Spent 3-4 hours of my time everyday to get my phone number updated in my adhar card, till today no luck. Rest In Peace – Digital India. The ground level village panchayat’s – waste of tax payers money. First of all people there don’t acknowledge you, secondly they don’t know what is their role inside that building, baffled! India has a long way to go and happy to be part of building this nation.


Keeping India clean was such a good initiative, but in couple of weeks I have been here saw well-educated people throwing stuffs from moving vehicle. USA became such a super power not because of any government! it’s all because of the people who live there. Similarly India can become superpower if people change their mindset. If people start taking the efforts put up by the government seriously nobody can stop this nation from growing.

Net worth this month,

Lot of travel, lot of functions, lot of shopping. Enough said. Been a poor month, even equity took a nose dive. Set aside 40K INR into my debt fund and invested couple of lac into 2 new stocks. Cyient Technologies and Deccan Cement. Am very bullish on Infrastructure growth (which needs cement) and CAD – which is the software provided by Cyient for civil engineers for projecting blueprints. Also falls perfectly fine with my basic analysis patterns. In long run these stocks will give me good returns and always am open for buying on dips. Loss of 1 lac odd, a month to forget.

net worth- November 2018

That’s all…

for this month, please share your opinion, comments here. Hope this month has been better for you folks. Cya next year 😉

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