Net Worth update – October 2015

net worth

Am ashamed to even write October net worth update. This month was very bad for me in terms of money 🙁

My smart phone and car, both broke down and for each I had to spend couple of k’s – (19,999/- exact) worth bones. You can see them in the below net worth tracker. Also my other expenses like fuel, grocery, internet also went up pretty high to around 6,159/- 🙁

Equity also did not pay me enough dividend, it only grew by 2,771/- and I don’t like to even talk about ULIP and its returns. Net worth dropped by 6,395/- only, because my monthly salary absorbed most of the expenses. Also 25,000/- from my cash saving went directly to debt fund. So some positives there 🙂


As I said in one of my older posts,

I want to move most of my bread towards equity/ stock market. Somehow am not able to trust this volatile market now. After thinking a lot, decided to open a recurring deposit for 9 years 🙂 If all goes according to planned RD, then by the age of 36 I will get a lump sum of 4,400,000/- and using this amount I can think of other ventures that I want to dive in. So how was the month for you all homies! definitely not as bad as mine am sure 😉

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