Net Worth Update – October 2016

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Ready for October net worth update? hope you all have started tracking your net worth and making good progress, if not then do it right away. As the below quote goes, so true (At least for me 🙂 )

“All I ask is the chance to prove that money can’t make me happy”

– Spike Milligan

With not so good global cues, this month was rather disappointing money wise. Could not make good progress in equity market with my investments, these are the times that tests your patience. If you overcome this hurdle then in coming years you will reap the benefits.

This month as usual 40K INR stashed to my debt fund. And the remaining stays as emergency fund. With US presidential election on the verge it is not good time to invest in equity, it will stay volatile for another 3-4 months I believe. By the time global economy looks promising I will invest and only invest.

My future holding will be Welspun India, with the recent quality issue with Wal-Mart there was hue and cry about this company, coming November 14th quarter results announced and then I would love to invest some bones in here.

A snap shot of this month net worth as shown below.

Well over 69K INR progress than the earlier month, mainly due to controlled spending habits and the policy of saving 75% of my income. Made negative progress on equity front. As said before added 40K into debt fund. As my spending is on US soil the liabilities section is nothing more than couple of mobile bills.

net worth October 2016

Also this month I have decided to scrub out my US savings and cost details, since I will be transferring most of the bread to India “where the future lies”. Fail to see myself doing any investment here in US of A, I decided to put US savings to trash. Between to transfer money and invest in India, you need a POA- Power Of Attorney assigned to trusted source, so that they can do the transactions on your behalf and everything stays legal. The stocks that I mention here are the ones that I have invested in, please do not take it as a personal advice.

Tell me about your net worth updates, how is it holding up! Cheers to money!

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