Online shopping! Love’em Hate’em

online shopping

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping”

– Bo Derek

Online shopping is the new sexy. Guess we all by now have bought something online from hundreds of e-commerce websites available at our dispose. Why do we buy online? reasons being its real cheap, discounts of flat 40% or more, promotions, saves our time, no cost of traveling and many more advantages. I really cannot see any cons.

Let me tell you, for last 1 year online shopping was my weakness. Today I took an oath to uninstall all online shopping apps and restrict myself of buying anything online. Let me live a frugal life for another 1 year and see if I have done anything good to myself. What made me to take this drastic decision? any guesses?
lemme tell you a story. There was a power cut yesterday night, no inverter. Hence started thinking about one of the online shopping I made recently. It was an “On the go mobile charger”. This is the device I can tell was my best online shopping. Suddenly a thought came into my mind let me collate all my online spending and check. This started off as a fun activity, ended up with no fun 🙁

In total I had spent 43,600 bones 🙁 Might have missed some more, thank god am not remembering those now. Then I taught let me stop this online shopping spree, already spent a lot on it. I guess I can live without buying anything online for a year or so. Hence this oath I pledged. Now that I won’t spend anything on online shopping, want to spend cash wisely.  People! wish me luck on this, so that I come out successful.

But on the other side with many venture capitalists funding all these e-commerce websites like crazy, we end users are lucky to get some real cool offers. Awesome time for us the “consumer’s” to avail all these offers. Anyways I have shopped enough, so all my shopping apps RIP 😉 Do let me know hoe much you have spent on online shopping. Cheers!

You can check out your order history on all these websites and come up with your list of spending and try not to spend more than required. Cheers!

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