Selling spree

selling spree

“If you buy things you don’t need, you will soon sell things you need”

– Warren Buffett


this so-called online shopping websites and apps have become so near and dear to all of us 🙂 we cannot spend a day without having a look into the offers. With all this super comfort tools, we end up buying stuffs without thinking much. Now the same awesome stuffs that you and I bought, might be sitting somewhere in our house doing nothing. The quote above keeps haunting me when I buy things online without thinking much.

Lately I am on a selling spree. Posting ads of anything that I see lying around in my house that is of no use anymore. And guess what, I am making money out of it, I know am incurring a loss, still happy to see stuffs that I do not need getting sold off. And the money that am getting out of it is helping me in small ways. Something is better than nothing. I have used both Quikr and Olx for this. First sell is the most difficult once you get the groove of it then it will be easy. Start off by selling your old mobile or watch or bicycle. Due course I will also share details on the products shared and money obtained from doing so.

Posting an ad in the above website takes no less than 5 minutes. Better late than never, roll up your sleeves and start selling. Make some cash, cheers to selling!! And do not forget to comment here with respect to your selling experience.

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