I want to create a website!!

how to create website

Why not! each oneĀ of you can create a website. Just take sometime to think what you are good at, what you want to share in world-wide web šŸ™‚

One fine day I was sitting on my couch and going berserk on internet. Was clicking fanatically on everything interesting, was commenting on eachĀ topic I liked. Suddenly! I bumped into a beautiful website by name thesitewizard.com, the first post that I came across was “How to develop a website” interestingĀ findĀ it was. Then spent two to three days learning and analyzing everything given over there. The same day when watching television, one more ad brought a smile on my face, the ad was goDaddy.com. Advertisement convinced me to ownĀ a website of my own. Hence began a journey that IĀ will cherish forever.

From very young I loved any discussions that involved money in it. Hence taught why not go ahead a create website in which my passion lies. So here I am. First thing, I searchedĀ online for cheap and affordable place to set upĀ my website and publish the same. As my first preference, checked goDaddy…. ahem! excitement died down early whenĀ I did not get any offers at thatĀ time to open a domain nor hosting. But now they do have good offers you can check them out

Then IĀ turned my head towards some other service providers, I did not like any of their offers either. But when I heard BigRockĀ had an offer, I went for it without another taught. You couldĀ open a domain and a hosting plan to go with it and guess what! it was damnĀ cheap compared to all others except goDaddy (I don’t really know how goDaddy is, but they too are quality service providers).

From what I have seen, there is no issue with BigRock, best thing is the customer service they offer. Any problem you have will be solvedĀ within blink of an eye. ahem! yeah slightly exaggerated šŸ˜‰ but yeah they do have good customer support. I guess I will definitely go ahead with BigRock for another website if IĀ want to. Also please contact meĀ for detailed guide on setting up domain and hosting plan.

I do want you people to choose best hosting plan and if anyone of you using goDaddy please feel free to send in a review, I would love to publish them as well.Ā Cheers!

As first step, decide whether you want to start with blogging or a website that will be offering some service or somethingĀ else? If you opt for bloggingĀ then I would suggest using word press. It has hundreds of themes to select from. In no time you can get your website up and running. Any problem with word press or setting up a new website, do contact me I will help you for free šŸ˜‰

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