Life of Pi? hell no!!!!


Do you think Pi liked quality of his life? What say!

We think of quality of product before we buy anything. Don’t we? Am asking the working population, did you ever think what quality of life you are leading? What do you term as quality life? When you will say that my quality of life is amazing?

Here I go, for me quality of life is many thing clubbed together,

“Peace of mind” (It is peace of mind for me when I spend time with family and loved ones, when I work on my financials, when I watch my favorite TV shows, when I design my millionaire plan, when I play with my dog, when I calculate what am I earning every hour, when I think about making every students out of universities financially literate)

“Breath of fresh air” (I love to live close to nature and that is why am not ready to move to any metropolitan cities. Again my opportunity as a professional increases ten folds in case I move to metropolitan area, but am giving up on my quality of life. What’s the use of this life without quality?)

“Get what you want, when you want” (living in a country side, doesn’t mean you give up all the good stuff. But when it comes to small things like going out with family for dinner, going out for grocery shopping I want everything smooth n easy. I can’t wait for my turn in a hotel, I can’t wait in queue for long. I can’t spend hundreds for a just a hair cut. When I can buy something I want it then and there itself, why do I compromise on my time? )

Everyone one of us in this world have different opinion on quality. Some like one brand of chocolates, the same chocolate disliked by some. Guy’s what is your definition on quality of life? Eagerly waiting for your responses…

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