Need for change in Education

need for change

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

– Benjamin Franklin

Need for change in Education!!

Are you with me on this ? well let’s discuss more on this topic and then decide. Childhood. Ah! memorable years that we can never get back, we can only recall or dream about the same now. Everyone of us have one or the other special stories to share. Summer holidays one of the best times of our life. Miss all my good old friends and cousins. Now a days we barely meet or talk. Like all other men and women we have moved on, don’t you think if we all have a get together now we will have loads of fun recalling our childhood memories? meh! every one of us are busy with our life.

Coming to topic, from the age of 5 to 15 we spent most of our day in school? hell yeah! what bothers me a little is, we have learnt a lot about Math, Science, Economy(bare minimum), History and many more. All these text books tell about some extraordinary people discovered or invented new stuffs.

Do you think this is how in future the education system must progress?

Don’t you think we need a change in this legacy education system model? Well! give it a thought.

What change I would love in this education system is to touch up on a new subject like ‘Life’, along with some new and improved academics having more of practical knowledge instead of theoretical. Why don’t we collate life experiences of some extraordinary people who have been very successful in their life (again definition of success differs from person to person ), different challenges they faced, difficult life decisions they took, how they overcame obstacles in their field of work, talk more about entrepreneur’s who grew from a 0 to a hero.

Just imagine how mature the kids can grow up to, how motivated these kids will be to start/ meet their dreams. I would say there will be a new revolution. Oh am going too far with word like revolution 🙂 I hate when some say

“They are too young to take decision”, Dude buzz off!

Our parents said the same to us, don’t continue the same tradition by making your mature kid look immature. Kids can take their own decisions, all you need to do is guide them on what is wrong and what is right. Be the change.

Do you think this new change would have helped you, if you were a kid? Also I loved this app called mint for kids

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