Net Worth update – August 2015

net worth
Well! Overall a  very good month.

Net worth in detail, am working on changing my investment ratio from 30:70 to 70:30 as mentioned in my earlier post.


Pertaining to the same idea, I transferred heavy cash to equity from my savings, now all I have to do is sit and pray for my stocks to do well 🙂 Also transferred 40 grand lying around in my savings to debt fund. Meantime my ULIP is helping me out by small means.

This month I also saw huge crash in nifty, although my shares did not hurt me much there was no visible gain. Might be the net worth update of October I can give a clear picture on how well my shares are doing 😉

I suggest you all to come up with net worth tracking yourself, if you haven’t already, it’s quite empowering! Do let me know your inputs homies!

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