Net Worth Update – April 2017

net worth

“To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep”
-David Bailey

Fellas! 720 hours went by and its time for another net worth update.

How did your net worth do in these 720 hours? How many investment ideas did you come up with? How many retirement plans did you jolt down? Time! We waste time, that we cannot buy back. Unless you are thinking of a time machine. So why delay! jolt down your ideas, track your net worth and yes, to get rich you have to be making money when your are asleep.

Again this month I did not manage to send bones to my offshore account!

Whatever the increment in the net worth you see, is completely based on the Return On Investment (ROI). In the snap shot shared below you can see the overall performance. Duly transferred 40k to my debt fund and no equity investments this time. I bet you, next month there will be huge movement. I guess I had promised the same in my last month update as well. But this time I will make sure I reach one step closer to my 2017 target. Compare this with the previous month snap shot for better. Between my stock Apollo Tyre has given me a 43% return in 8 months. But on the contrary my tech stocks had pretty bad fall. With all this, this month net worth growth of 20k.


Emotionally this month was challenging,

did not spend much time on investment planning due to work and other personal work. Will have to come up with a plan, which I will work on this weekend for future investments. Equity markets looks a little scarier now, most of the stocks have picked up the pace and some of my shortlisted ones are looking costly. Would stay away for sometime instead of investing in equity.

Folks how did your net worth do last month? If you have not started to track your money yet, it’s never too late.

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