Net Worth Update – August

net worth

“Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain – and most fools do”

– Benjamin Franklin

Time for another net worth update! This time as you all have guessed it right I have succeeded in achieving the 2 million mark. I Agree that this milestone is nowhere near to what people at my age make, nevertheless I am happy. Could have done lot better, but getting to this took lot of sweat. Isn’t easy at all. Phew!!

Also my target of reaching 50:50 investment finally achieved. Half of my investment in Equity and another half in Debt funds. As of now I would say debt funds are giving me moderate returns of 6-7% after tax where as equity is given me between -14% – +48% return average it out at 17% return.

Many of you have asked me about the stocks that I have invested in, here is the list of those stocks. Please this is only my investments, I will never tell you guys to buy any of these stocks. Wipro, M&M, Apollo Tyre, NHPC, NTPC, Infosys, Century Textiles, Triveni Turbines, Rcomm (This investment is against my ideology, but wanted to take risk), JSW Steel, Crompton Greaves.

I have only one investment mantra, rather than diversifying money into many stocks confine the money to limited number of stocks. Risk only the money that you are ready to lose.

By doing so you are in high risk high reward situation. So far from whatever I have heard from expert, everyone tell you to diversify. I just wanted to go against the tide. No risk no reward. Dream Big!!

Below is the screen shot for this month. Also added my US of A net worth which is still in process of getting corrected. below is just an estimate.August2016August2016USA
As you can see from my previous month update, this time made a nice upside of 49k. Also transferred some amount into equity. This month the market was hit very badly. Specially the Information Technology stocks did very poorly. My near and dear Wipro lost more than 20% in a week. Hope everything turns out better.

Felt very good writing today’s update, lot of support from you all. Keep writing to me, it keeps me going. Thanks a lot homies. Have a splendid September! Cheers to Money!!

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