Net Worth Update – August 2017 ( ₹ 2,872,304)

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“The Key to making money is staying invested” – Suze Orman

Are you all ready for August net worth update? How well did your portfolio do? Do share your experience at Mumbai rains, slow down in GDP, North Korea missile test, US floods, Barcelona terror attack, Infosys saga – a month full of negativity. Same reflected in equity all over the world, resulting in a very volatile condition. Well, Infosys did recover after appointment of new CEO Nilenkani. And for those who say that there is no juice left in Infosys and other IT biggies, I beg to differ. With modern technology the dependency on IT will never go down if not up. These companies that you say have no juice left, are making profits of 3,000cr INR every quarter. Times are challenging that is it! Telling these companies have no future is plain blasphemy!

My bet

In my earlier post I did talk about investing in IRBInfra and JSWEnergy. I did not buy these stocks, but will be buying if it falls into my price range. Am thinking 60/61 entry price for JSW Energy. And anything less than 205 for IRBInfra. If not then move on to another stock.

Monthly Update

Moved 40K INR into our debt fund. Since this is a debt fund, automated process and needs less insight on where the money goes in – this is the easiest way for beginners to save some bread. When it comes to equity we need to be very careful and need to have some knowledge on process involved. So always start with debt fund investment. Also transferred some bones to my offshore account highlighted under emergency fund. Coming to equity there is nothing great, there is deficit of 50K INR from last month. Below is the snap shot for August net worth update.

August net worth


A much-needed break, went for camping last weekend and it was an amazing experience altogether. Will be sharing some photos taken at the campsite. Well! that is it for this month. Please do share your ideas which can improve my net worth, I will definitely respond to your email. Peace!

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