Net Worth Update – December 2016

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“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.”

Start of this year my resolution was frugal living and targeted net worth of 2.5 Million INR. Did not reach that resolution goal. Looking at my net worth below, it is around 2.4 lac INR off target. Still it is a 47% growth in 11 months which would not have been possible without themoneycrib and religious net worth tracking. Year 2016 has been emotionally excruciating, I lost my role model, I lost someone near to me whom I looked up-to, we might have talked very little but the amount of knowledge gained from just being with him and seeing how he handled the situations – priceless. Important reminder that time never stops. This month moved hefty savings to India account and invested some part in equity and the remaining in emergency fund. 40k INR stashed to my monthly debt fund.

December Net Worth

Invest and only invest mode was on for December 2016.

This month market were moving nowhere, they were stagnant and there came surprise announcement from Prime Minister that the long-term capital gain be taxed and then the market tumbled, later that evening finance ministry gave a clarification that nothing of that sort is under discussion, bang! market moves up. Many of the good stocks have triggered their yearly lows. Good time to invest in some value stocks. I invested in M&M (M&M is planing to introduce evergreen JAVA bikes, which will go down well with Indian youngsters). Planing to invest in Power Grid, Crompton Greaves, India Cement, Ambuja Cement, Granules India coming month. All these are my personal investment options and in no way telling you to invest on these companies.

My simple analysis pattern,

Analyze the company results from past 5 years, analyze the total sales for a quarter, debt, earning per share, dividend, check the mutual fund investments done on the company you are analyzing and then analyse the future horizon.

By future horizon I mean, have an idea on the future business environment for the company. Am not telling you to guess it. For example let us take solar energy. Solar energy will be next big thing, 10-20 years from now in India. Invest in solar energy companies. Invest in companies that manufactures photo-voltaic cells, invest in the company that manufactures semi conductors, diodes, capacitors and batteries. Similarly “developing India” needs better infrastructure. Invest in cement, invest in transportation and logistic, invest in Tyre manufacturing companies etc. After all the above analysis, do only one thing there on – INVEST!

Graph of net worth movement month on month from Jan 2016 to Dec 2016

I would like to hear from you all, how much improvement you have seen in your net worth over the year? has net worth tracking helped you in any way ? Please comment or mail me your experiences or questions. Cheers to money, Cheers to 2016! you served me well.

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