Net Worth Update – December 2017 ( ₹ 3,529,390.26)

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“If you don’t want to be beaten, imprisoned, mutilated, killed or tortured, then you shouldn’t condone such behavior towards anyone, be they human or not” – Moby

2017 I thank you!!

Time for December net worth update. Awesome way to end the year 2017, which served me well. POTUS trying his best to bring reforms and naysayer’s as always are calling for his head. Back home it was election time, BJP scored home run in both the states.


Congress tried its best to divide using same old strategy, agitate people within one community, select three idiots and shoot-off from their shoulder by giving them ticket to contest election, agendas like reservation or quota. India going through price war because of GST, people still remember trauma of going through phase of De-monetization and not having a strong leader in Gujarat after Modi. With all these factors into consideration, I refer this victory as one of the biggest for BJP.

Net Worth update!

With BJP scoring home run, the equity too scored home run while crossing all time highs. With all these buzz around, even my net worth reached it’s all time high of 3,529,390.26. Coming to investment, as always stacked 40K INR into debt fund (Power of compounding). Also, transferred some bread to my offshore account thus the increase in emergency fund. Equity gave a fantastic return this month, and hence the massive surge of 446,215.48 INR in net worth overall.

Net Worth

New investments,

Bought Exide Industries @ 204.00 and Sanghi Industries @ 117.00, decision based on current performance and what the future holds. With Exide, am seeing good growth story ahead of it based on government nod for going all-electric by 2030. Sanghi on the other hand will grow with more infrastructure spending that is going to come. Also hoping that this budget will favor both these entities greatly. Another stock on radar is RCF, I feel that this year budget will help this fertilizer business grow. Return on Investment with Exide(8.95%) and Sanghi(20.52%) in two weeks time is a joy to behold. Also M&M one of my another holding, bonus issued and now trading around 750.00, at this price also this seems like a good buy.


How well did you work on your money? Please share your story here. Cheers to money, cheers to 2017!!

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