Net Worth Update – December 2018 (₹ 8,195,723.90)

net worth

“No one’s ever achieved financial fitness with a January resolution that’s abandoned by February”

Suze Orman

Net worth update time! Welcome you all for December series net worth update. Since moving back, life’s been amazing in India. With no salaried job and volatile equity space there’s been no major shift in my net worth. Trying to make stride in family business. At the moment enjoying my life to the fullest, purpose of life was lost when I was in USA and now am trying to work on that very purpose.

Source Of Income?

Well now there is only my return on investments, no other source of income. Trying to work on some change, will write it some other day. Full time dedicated to myself and family now.

Net worth!

This month I made a small progress compared to last month disaster. 40K transferred from emergency to debt fund which will give me constant compounded savings or return in a long run. Equity barely giving me some return, nothing spectacular. No new investment if not buying already existing stocks on much tastier evaluations. Below is the snap shot for this month net worth. 17K INR uptick.


Real estate a possibility now…

Thinking of investing in real estate with my foreign earnings. Will be spending some time to design investment strategy on the same. So many interesting things to come. Looking forward for amazing 2019.

Well that’s a wrap! do let me know your suggestions and comments. Your emails go untouched here!

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