Net Worth Update – February 2016

net worth

“Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones” – Benjamin Franklin

Time for net worth update!

Spent salary bread on WiFi recharge and mobile bill only, remaining bones stashed in my bank 🙂 sweet! How?, well on my wedding I received some money in the form of gift. So using that money for anything and everything from past one month.

Below snap shot, it shows the split up this month. Pretty neat month. Saved 98% of my salary 🙂

Net Worth Update - February 2016

My investment on equity keep on growing.

With Nifty@6.9 k, want to use the opportunity as much as possible, throwing some more bones into equity. Important thing is I am throwing bones after good research on the future of the company that I am investing in. I am expecting this company is going to do well and give me good returns. This company gives dividend couple of times every year, total value of the dividend is equal to that of fixed deposit return and year on year appreciation on stock value is around 10%. All in all nice return on investment.

Fellas! Tell me about your net worth, how is your net worth looking?

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