Net Worth Update – February 2017

net worth

“A rich man is nothing but, a poor man with money”

W. C. Fields

Another breezing month pass by, another breezing net worth update.

Pretty cool month! Everyone who invest in equity will have broad smile on their face. We saw all time high Nifty this month, time for celebration?

Last week when I was going through headlines in, I saw so-called analyst asking to sell one particular company stock. The very next day the same analyst is telling to buy same stock. Not going into details, am not sure whether it was a day trading call or not. But still wonder what was he thinking when he said to sell the stock! and what changed in a day to trigger a buy call for the same stock. Triggering panic buttons is the foremost job of these analysts, guess the salary earned is parallel to number of panic trades. Whatever the bullshit going on around, lets leave that aside. How well have your net worth grown this month? do share it with me over mail.

I also happened to buy stocks of Prabath Dairy.

Long time dream to invest in a dairy manufacturer finally came true. Also DSP Black Rock fund buying 28 lac shares of this stock gave boost to my investment. Elsewhere, I transferred some chunk of money to offshore account and some of it went to buying dairy stock and rest to emergency fund. Unaccounted money 16K sent to my brother, who has a task of showing me 30% return in next 6 months. And once am back in India the same task will be given to my wife. If they succeed in giving 30% return then they will get second string of seed funding 🙂

net worth

Net worth snap shot as shown above, religious transfer of 40k into debt fund. Increased my emergency fund value to 1.5 lac and almost 80 grand gained through equity investment, but this is bound to decrease or increase in a long run. February gave me lot of bread!

Between this month will be an eventful month in the history of Reliance legacy. It is Jio everywhere. Congrats to those who invested in Reliance and accumulated wealth. That’s all for now, bogged down with work. Hardly get time to jolt down things. Untill next time, cheers to money! @themoneycrib

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