Net Worth Update – February 2019 (₹ 8,265,148)

“A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man”

– Lana Turner

Net worth update for February is on! been a sad month so far. Politically tension between India and Pakistan escalates and Sensex duly responded with volatility. March would be seeing lot of sell-offs, due to 2019 general elections and I am prepared to weather the storm, are you?. Kindly sell off if you are in dire need of investment money, if you are going long – no worries. USA and China trade talk in process, not sure what the outcome will be. Future looks gloomy, but fingers crossed.

Below is the snap shot for net worth this month,

40K INR going from emergency to debt fund. Rest of the movement is from equity markets and debt fund compounding. Foreign earnings dropped by 25K INR due to strong rupee, this was a major dent for me this month. Looking into investment options in government debt bonds which gives you tax-free returns anywhere between 10-12%.  If I do invest in one of these government debt bonds will explain details here next month. Overall increase of 4.6K INR this month which is again very sad.


Completely occupied,

with family and friends for past month, no excuse for coming month. wink wink!

Fellas what’s up with your net worth?

how did your net worth fare this month? do comment or share your experiences here. Cheers to Money. Bread, Bone and Bucks!

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