Net Worth Update – January 2017

net worth

“If you’re interested in ‘balancing’ work and pleasure, stop trying to balance them. Instead make your work more pleasurable” – Donald Trump

New year and new resolutions and net worth…

Eventful month comes to an end. Right now going through all the budget 2017 highlights that all spread all over the internet. This year resolution is to Save Up – save up money, power, water and so on. Being considerate in what I use to live and see if that helps in building my net worth. Generally I love this way of life but sometimes you have to come out of it and enjoy.

Hungry for more!

Now coming to year 2017 net worth resolution. My target is to take my net worth to 40 lac INR. It is a 75% increase from today which seems an uphill task. As the saying goes “A penny saved is a penny gained” and lets aim to the stars.

What is going on in the US of A?

Between I love new US president, he is man of words and he is doing exactly what he promised. He is doing everything possible to improve economy and people are not understanding it. He is trying to stop another terror attack and yet again people are not getting it. I do not care if my future here goes in for a toss due to recent developments. He clearly mentioned America First and loved the way he carried out his first two weeks in the office.

Finally a good budget for 2017!

Back in India am loving the positivity surrounding the new government and its policies. Budget 2017 did not disappoint me either. Feeling positive towards investing in equity. This month my IT stocks took lot of hit after USA H1B policy changes. An increase of 8.9 K INR from previous month is poor. This was due to the fact that I have not transferred any money to my offshore account, next moth it will show better for sure. Below is the snap shot of my net worth movement this month. 40k deposited in debt fund. Emergency fund looks bleak and hence this year will work on improving the same.

net worth

That’s all for now, can’t wait for February 🙂 What are your resolutions for 2017 homies? Are you working on your investments? Are you tracking your net worth? Do mail me your perspective on money.

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