Net Worth Update – January 2018 ( ₹ 3,779,745.82)

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If you want creativity, take a zero off your budget. If you want sustainability, take off two zeros
– Jaime Lerner

With every new year, comes net worth resolution! Here is the update on my net worth for month of January 2018. Month went very well for me overall. Right now I can only see every political party trying to score political mileage on every small issues. Davos economic summit went pretty well, Modi did what he does best. Coming to equity markets, some of the IT stocks back in the radar. it is so good to see tech companies making moves. With the 2018 budget in the horizon, market also reacted with sluggish performance at eleventh hour. Let us hope for the best and move on.

Past Challenge..

Same time last year resolution with respect to my net worth was to reach 40Lac INR in 12 months. To do this I had to grow my net worth by 75% year on year. 12 months after the resolution, now I stand with net worth of 37.8Lac INR. Which was a 70% approx growth in a year. Sad to miss the target, at the same time 70% I feel is not a bad number.

Resolution 2018!

New resolution, are you all ready! 1 Crore INR. Yes I said it here. 180% more than what my net worth is today. Wish me luck.

Net Worth this month,

Below is the screen shot of my net worth. Slight change in the numbers, this considers the running ROI and hence more accurate. Between I changed job here in USA, hence accumulated some gratuity and provident fund. Stacked 40K INR bread into debt fund as always. Stocks that I have invested are doing good.

January 2018 net worth


budget 2018, hope for the best. We will have more to discuss next month. How did your net worth do? any good idea to share? please do it here. Cheers to money.

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