Net Worth Update – July 2016

net worth

There was a question – isn’t it waste of time keeping track of your net worth, what do you do keeping track of it?

Here is what I have to say! Keeping track of your net worth defines you, use it as an indicator, to tell you that you have a lot of things to meet in your life and you aren’t working hard enough for it. This is what keeps me going!

“The intelligent investor is a realist who sells to optimists and buys from pessimists”

– Benjamin Graham

Time for another net worth update!!!

Yet again I could not make it to 2 million mark feeling so let down yesterday. As I started to write my update for this month, am feeling so energized to do something awesome in the month of August and am raring to go whatever this world throws back at me. This month I managed to transfer some of my debt funds into equity. You can see below snap shot of my net worth for the month of July. Nothing extra ordinary happened this month except that one of my stock crashed 11% 😉

Net Worth

Bought some more stocks of Infosys, NTPC and NHPC. Around 80K invested. Infosys had a pretty bad Q1 and hence took the opportunity to bag some stocks at cheap price. Also this stock slipped more than 11% this month hence I lost around 30K which might take sometime to recover. Between my other two stocks JSWSteel and M&M are doing wonders. My favorite stock Wipro started gaining momentum. Am re iterating again that this is an undervalued stock, you should get at least 15% return in next six months. From the monthly income, transferred 25K to debt account. rest of buck went into emergency fund.

I would love you all to show my not so impressive USA net worth. This is meaningless, nevertheless here it is.

Net Worth USA

Wanted to experience new country and here I am. US of A is treating me good. There are countless spending’s which I failed to track. And then there are debts that I took from company and family for first settling in process. Hence formidable update should happen in couple of months from now. I also want some part of Google and Facebook, which means equity investment. Hope for the best!

I urge you all to track your net worth and see how your approach towards money changes. You will love every bit of it. Bet you!!! Hope you all have done great this month with your bones. Cheers to money!

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