Net Worth Update – July 2018 ( ₹ 7,021,034.89)

net worth

“Greed is not a financial issue. It’s a heart issue”

– Andy Stanley

Month of bullish equity and net worth

comes to an end, here I am with July net worth update. Amazing month for Indian equities, all time highs day in day out. Accordingly, my net worth at it’s all time high. USA economy growing at 4.1% year on year, highest since 2014. BJP wining trust vote was icing on the cake. Trade war did add some volatility into world markets, but did not gather pace.

Net worth update!

 Exactly a month back, I talked about investing 1.25 lac in below 3 stocks. Today, I am standing with return on investment of Sanghi Industries(12.4%), India Cement(7.6%) and Granules(26%). Now it’s up to me to decide whether to book profit or keep investing. Below is the snap shot for this month, religiously stacking 40K INR into debt fund. Equity helping me with very good return. Dollar staying strong is helping my foreign earnings. I have booked profit in one of my stocks century textiles and the money from it went into emergency fund. If I see value buy’s then this money goes straight into that. Overall 2.7 lac increase in net worth, not bad!

net worth July 2018

Work with caution!

I have a feeling that we are going to see another 2008/09 crisis within next couple of years. I would like to tell everyone please trade with caution. Do not enter into any stocks without a strong stop-loss. NPA’s, decreasing exports, increasing imports, oil price, unemployment and many more reasons for market to go into correction phase. Keep an eye on US Fed rate hike, it screams market collapse if at all it reaches 3%. Currently it is around 1.75%. Thread safely once it reaches 2%.

Mutual Funds,

hearing many stories of single digit returns. Please share me with the details if at all this is true. Cheers to money! Have a great month ahead.

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