Net Worth Update – June 2016

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Brexit done and dusted!! Two more years to plan out the trade and other business plan, great! Best outcome of it is that UK travel becomes cheap 🙂 I follow Anand Mahindra on twitter a lot, after all I have invested in M&M. He made an amazing comment last week.

Brexit is an exaggerated Tsunami alert to the world which needs to Take a Tranquilizer

I moved to USA on my work.

The best part ends there. Am in a hotel with my wife planning out stuffs to do next month. Moving to a new apartment, getting electricity connection, internet connection and many more. Lot of stuffs to do out here along with my work. With all this going on, there was my birthday as well. Well got very beautiful present from my princess- 29 kisses for my 29th birthday 😉

You go to Wall Mart or Farm Fresh you come out loosing 50$ and go by Uber or American Taxi you loose 10$-20$ easily. Initial days I cannot help. Next month will update my US wealth details. With all these crazy things going on, my dear wife has stood strong with me whatever the reason be. Also I thank my Aunt who is helping me out day and night to accustom me to this new lifestyle. Loads of love to my family back home.

All said and done here comes the net worth update for this month,

with Brexit the market had corrections and as we all know RBI chief announced he will not continue his second term in India. Wish him all the luck, we Indians did not deserve him. Instead of being sacked by some shameless political party for their own stupid atrocity he resigned with heads high. Thanks for everything Sir! And morons who wanted him out – go to hell. Overall very bad month, nothing was great about other than my US travel and birthday gift. Below is the snapshot of my net worth this month.


Had a lot of shopping to do, remember about the car tyre that needed a change in my earlier post? I still did not get it done since I was leaving to the US 😛 My brother who is driving it now will have to pay for it. Travelled Hyderabad this month, it was one of the memorable trip. Such an awesome city, best part of the city was food. A restaurant by name Chutney became my all time favorite. Please do try steamed dosa and paneer chilli. umm! I will write a separate article on it when time permits. Net worth dropped, yet used the time and money well, new experience all around.

Have you started tracking your net worth? If not, please do not delay it. The more young you are more chances to become rich. Start young! cheers to money!


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