Net Worth Update – June 2018 ( ₹ 6,750,955.10)

net worth

“You must determine the price that you will have to pay to achieve success, and then get busy paying that price”

– H.L. Hunt

Net Worth update,

Ah! June a special month for me personally, comes to an end. Been an average month in terms of net worth. 2018 acting to be difficult year for Indian equity, long way to go. Stock market was at its volatile best. The month belonged to people who day trade.


to everyone’s surprise much-anticipated USA and North Korea meeting and negotiation went very well. Sorry haters! You ‘all got Trumped again. About upcoming Indian general elections in 2019, I just hope the current government gets majority in the house and continues another 5 years.For me there is no difference between “Apocalypse” or an alliance formed to govern India by “gandhi, mayavati, mamatha, hardik, jignesh, jnu”.

New investments,

Invested around 1.25 lac on Sanghi Industries, Granules and India Cement. Will keep investing in these companies for another 2 years. 2018 will see stocks bottoming out, investors should grab the opportunity presented. Information technology, is a sector that is outperforming in my portfolio. Infosys 30.00 INR dividend per share. Sweet! Infosys pretty much helped my portfolio from sinking.

Net worth:

Below is the snapshot for this month. With rupee dropping further, just gave my $ savings a boost. Stocked 40K INR into debt fund. And equity showing a muted return. Overall a pretty average month. Still on track with my resolution, let’s see what the future holds. Have been watching some of the videos by Dan Lok, he say’s financial freedom is old. Instead aim for financial confidence. Will throw some light on these and  as well my views in the next month net worth update.

net worth June 2018


how did your net worth do? Did you stack up money? Do share me your views and comments, your emails will never go untouched. Cheers to bucks.

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