Net Worth Update – March 2017

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“Life started getting good when I started making money”
-Balthazar Getty

Life is good, when you have good net worth to fall back on! Spring break here in the USA, weather back to its normal, march madness all over US of
A. Meanwhile back in India, what a victory for Lotus! what a response by the people for the good governance shown by current Indian Govt. This news triggered the Indian equity market to newer high. Dollar value weakens, nothing transferred to offshore. Reduced my losses in Prabath Dairy, more on this strategy. Overall a very good month.

Coming to investments!

stashed 40K into debt fund from emergency fund, I invest only in RD when it comes to debt fund – yes you heard that right! As I said before reduced my losses in Prabath Dairy. How? Adopted this rule, when you buy certain stock at a specific rate I keep a stop-loss of negative 6-8% for six months. If stop-loss triggered then I sell off the stocks and buy them next day for a lesser price and in more quantity.

And this brings to one more point, you can never time the market!

instead listen to it and then change your strategy. When you do the aforesaid, make sure that you do this only on company for which there is a foreseeable future. Also when investing always invest on a second best company or a company that is new and emerging. It should have sound market share as of today and make sure the competitors have huge market share, with a wink! This company that you have invested in, will not be the market leader, but it will eventually eat up the market share of the leading ones. Similarly Prabath dairy is nowhere a market leader, but it is not bad with market share either. I see a good future hence invested my money there.

March net worth

Meanwhile another stock Triveni Turbines sitting dormant for sometime now, rose by 14% in a day, current market price of 142. That was refreshing. Century textiles crossed 1000 mark! between Century Textiles and JSW Steel have given me over 90% return in last 5-6 years. Not great but meh! worth mentioning. No huge movement in the net worth from previous update, will be better next month for sure.

How much did your net worth appreciate this month? Share it!

Start tracking your net worth today, and see the changes that you will bring to make it shine. I would not be here if not for this blog. Your emails boost me to keep on investing and take my net worth to newer highs. How about new statement, India at new high – even my net worth 🙂

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