Net Worth Update – May 2017

net worth

“I don’t care what anyone says. Being rich is a good thing”

– Mark Cuban

Another amazing month ends

and time for net worth update. Yes! this time I have made some progress unlike earlier month. Nifty claiming all time highs, stocks invested in also climbing all time high. This month was a memorable one in terms of equity growth. The luxury train deployed from Mumbai to Goa was amazing, but saddened to see the way people have treated the train. When will people start behaving! Feel so depressed after this incident. Also on other hand with recent terror attacks all over, world politics looks pretty weak. One cannot predict what can happen next. And it’s same with our life as well, one cannot predict. Just that we need to be ready for everything.

Below is the snap shot of current net worth.

Like every month stacked 40K INR into debt fund. Remaining money goes into emergency fund which am trying to build for future. Parallel researching on some companies, if I feel the pricing is right then going to jump in taking some part of the emergency fund. With current market and valuation going on this is not going to be simple task, but for sure there are upcoming gems hidden. Made a huge progress on equity investment. Overall a handsome 162,464 INR positive change. Definitely on path to make my new year resolution target.

Net Worth Update - May 2017

I usually like to spend time “thinking”

Yeah! you heard that right. This “thinking” comes up any time of the day, ranging from morning to-night and not when am asleep. Since am all into investing, growing your source of income and rest, I think about some new ventures that I can start or how my life be or how good is getting into agriculture etc. And these random stuff goes into my hand book. When ever this “thinking” thing happens, I jolt down everything on my hand book. For example my hand book even tells what my net worth should be at the age of 40, and this calculation was done 3 years back – I don’t even remember on what basis I had written it all down. Best part is the hand book is flow chart ready, it even has a plan B – example like, if I will not have certain amount of money by this age then do certain things differently. There is also a page written three years back with the stocks that I would have loved to invest in, most of them would have given me three digit returns by now 🙁

All I want to say you is, jolt down your thinking! scribble it down somewhere. This thinking for me last from 5 min to one hour and am not sure if any of you go through this amazing thing! Please share your experiences with me. Mail me And I would love to end it with “I don’t care what anyone says, being rich is definitely a good thing!”

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