Net Worth Update – October 2017 ( ₹ 3,044,264.78)

net worth

“Life is not fair, get used to it”

– Bill Gates

Time for October Net Worth update, are you all ready with yours? October 2016 I lost my idol, person whom I always look up to. It was a month to forget. But this time around, it turned out to be a very good month. Net worth touches all time high of 30 lac. Indian equity touching new highs everyday, Government helping PSU’s, GST settling in slowly and many more. Some of the reports suggesting that with the recent policies in place, India’s GDP might even touch 8%. Agree that this is far-fetched, but this corruption free government will try to meet this milestone for sure. There are glaring implementation issues, but we need to understand that all these are for our own good.

Net Worth this month,

Transferred 40k into our debt fund. And the rest remain as emergency fund. Also Indian equity touches new high every day, hence nice bit of growth on equity side as well. Spent something like 15K as festival gifts and another 20K to my brother. Nothing specific, asked him to invest in equity. Here is the snap shot for this month. Also being festive month did not be too frugal with money. Transferred some bones back to India with festival offer exchange rates which was amazing. I use Remitly for fund transfer very intuitive application. Click here and you can get joining bonus.

net worth

Bit Coin!

If you had $5 worth Bit Coin during its start, now you would be rich by 4.4 Million. That is crazy stuff! I don’t think there will be a happy ending to this digital currency market, but the block-chain algorithm and design is going to stay here for very long time.

Cash Back,

While in USA have used many cash back applications, the one that stood out is Ibotta. An app that can give you cash back on most of your shopping or online purchases, also on using Uber, Amazon. You can click this link and get $10 joining bonus. In case of similar cash back apps that you use, please mention those in the comments below.

The Present and the future..

Right now if I stop working and stay home, on an average I would be minting around 500-1000 INR every day. This based on the current ROI on the investments made. I would urge all to group your liquid investments and then check the average ROI. Then do the math and come up with numbers. This is the number that you want to increase, this is the number that gets hurt by your financial decisions. So please invest some time to check your numbers. Life is not fair, get used to it! Cheers to money.

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