Net Worth Update – October 2018 ( ₹ 8,289,092.69)

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Focus on all four of your net worth factors: increasing your income, increasing your savings, increasing your investment returns and decreasing your cost of living by simplifying your lifestyle.

Hello and welcome to my October net worth update. Very bad month – serious ups and downs in the Indian equity. Blood bath seen throughout the month with couple of exceptions. Politically nothing major to report.

Day Traders,

All armature day traders might have lost lot of money past couple of months, I believe. Any new short-term and long-term traders can consider investing in stocks that I had selected in my earlier blog post.

net worth…

As this was pretty volatile month and with my plans of travelling to India nothing great to report. One thing I would like to tell is that, even with this equity scenario, my portfolio is in double digits. This is calming. Stacked 40K INR into debt funds, and added on to my holding in one of my long-term bet. Equity did under-perform but still decent. Below is the snapshot for this month.


my long-term bet!

Yes, I invested more in Triveni Turbines. Very good quality stock out there for grabs. It is bit expensive, but I am willing to take the risk. Another stock that I did talk about in my earlier blog was KEC Intl – this stock was trading between 260-270 at the time of mention. Now after the blood bath month, this stock is trading at 290. That is sweet!

what’s cooking?

Recently came across an idea about permaculture, an indigenous way of farming, working with nature and not against it. Always fascinated with such stuff. Spent lot of time watching BackToReality vlogs. Some very good information out there. Do check them out!

That’s all for this month, excited to travel back home! November net worth update will be from India.. Do share with me your views on how can I improve my net worth further, also share your stories here.

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