Net Worth update – September 2015

net worth

When I finished a post on power of compounding, the recurring deposit that I had invested in attains maturity and paid me off 245,448/-  when I was over the moon by this news my biggest mistake came haunting – Life insurance premium of 25,000/-  paid off 🙁 one good thing is that, this is the last installment. So bye-bye you *beep*. Straightaway opened another RD for 9 years 25,000/- per month.


Coming to the equity, well markets were volatile. RBI kept put on interest rates, strangely I liked this move. The stocks that I own gave mixed performance. Nonetheless gave me returns of 7,371/- An average performance I would say. Less said the better about the ULIP, overhead loss of 1,290/-

After deriving my monthly income and the expenses (5,000/-) my net worth floats around 1,270,558/- down by 7,119/- bones. Am still trying to figure out my net worth calculation, my first post on net worth was way off, rectified most of the thing now. October net worth update will have better picture than this. All in all was good month by focusing on 5,000/- towards monthly cost. Also my no online shopping oath is helping me in this cause 🙂

People I want each one of to come up with your net worth calculation. Track your net worth. Make changes to your investments, so to increase your net worth. Also check earlier post – My way of reaching @ financial freedom. Do reach me for any help you need. Cheers to money!

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