Net Worth Update – September 2018 ( ₹ 8,020,382.23)

net worth

“Gold is a great thing to sew into your garments if you’re a Jewish family in Vienna in 1939, but I think civilized people don’t buy gold, they invest in productive businesses”

Charlie Munger

Welcome to September net worth update, pretty turbulent month for all. Trade war, trump tweets, fed rate hike, failing Indian rupee and many more in the making of a perfect recipe called markets correction. This month saw one of the heaviest fall since new year. Good time for fresh investment? Well! more on that later.

net worth,

this month fared pretty well, a gain of 2.59 Lac. Coming to profit in equity portfolio dropped by 10%, thanks to market corrections. Stacked 40K INR into debt fund. A little increase in emergency fund, part of this emergency fund will go into fresh equity investment. Strong dollar giving a boost for foreign earnings. Overall a pretty average month, could have been worse. Below is the snap shot for this month. Some way off my target 10 Million INR. I have only 2 months to reach that target.

net worth-September 2018

coming to the most interesting part of today’s blog, stock picks!

Suggest fresh holding on – KEC Intl @260-265, ACC @1440-48, Triveni Turbines @102-105 and Hindalco @220. Do your own analysis before investing, these are just my shortlisted stocks along with the ones that I suggested earlier. That is all for this month homies.


did your investments and net worth fare this month? Do share your stories here. Cheers to money! cheers to all money mongers!



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