Sexy Portfolio….

Everyone of us should own one sexy portfolio. Couple of months back I spent days together online searching for a good portfolio manager. Bumped into thousands of tools, I even lost the count how many! Finally managed to find one which was simple, yet elegant. Sexy portfolio manager

This tool is user-friendly. You can sign up in breeze. I would like to share some of the screen shots from my portfolio.

sexy portfolio

Above screen is the main screen, that shows you the summary of your holding and the percentage movement today.

sexy portfolio

Analysis screen shows how your money is distributed among equities you own.

sexy portfolio

Also get alerts on certain developments on your equities owned.

Along with this we can also update other financial details, like the recurring deposits, fixed deposits that you own. There are separate fields to take your assets into consideration. movable or immobile assets. Also ULIPS,  if you own any you can update and see the real-time data day-to-day. Whenever your net assets move by huge margin either ways, you get an alert mail and looking at that alert mail you feel sexy 😉

Do let me know how was your experience creating and managing portfolio using this free tool. Cheers to money!!!


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