Total Net Worth and Way Forward!

“We must consult our means rather than our wishes” – George Washington


Here is a complete data from my early 2009 till August 2015. Started my investment from mere 50,000 and adding on to that now my investments stands roughly around 12,00,000. Life so far given me good amount of experiences. I would love to share the ones I already learnt and keep updating the life experiences month by month in the form of net worth update.

Some of my life rules that I would love to share,

  • Do not lend money to anyone in the hope or trust that they will return it back. Lend only that money which you do not need or ready to lose. You may have emotions but money doesn’t.
  • Do not over diversify your investment. With over diversification you will not grow your money nor lose any money. What is life without any risk? Have belief in you and create a simple portfolio – if you have made right choice you become rich! else if you fall learn from the mistakes and bounce back.
  • Invest only the money that you do not need.
  • Always test the boat before you jump on it, If you do not love your current job, then try to do something you love. This doesn’t mean you quit your current job. You should always have something called source of income before you try new things. When source of income is ZERO, life halts.
  • P*T*R/100, more the P,T or R more the money. P and R might not be on your side, but no one can take that T from you. So invest for extended period.
  • Patience, do not panic once invested. This rule alone can make you tons of money.


I classify my investments into two types, Debt & Equity. Never fancied real estate, though it is one very good option. I always love liquid cash, with real estate investment there is nothing liquid. Also I hate mutual funds (oh yes they are also human and prone to mistakes). Moving forward I will upload net worth movement on a monthly basis, so that you all can see it grow and guide me to grow it better. Please feel free to comment, what do you think I can do to make it better? All these are my personal opinions and experiences, none of them to be considered as professional advice. For that you need to contact a certified financial planners.

Also I urge each one of you to analyse your net worth and what good you can make on it. Everyone needs that million mark.. Cheers!